Current Fundraising Goals

01 Sep Current Fundraising Goals

This year, the Friends’ fundraising efforts will support the Trout and Salmonid Collection digitization project at Montana State University Library.

Decades of research on fish and fisheries have given MSU a strong tradition on which to build the nation’s preeminent trout and salmonid collection. In an effort to make these materials more accessible, the library is in the process of digitizing this world-class collection.

Aspects of the digitization project include:

Angling Oral Histories

The library is currently collecting oral histories from anglers around the world in an effort to create a snapshot of what trout and salmonid fishing means to our society. Interviewees include Bud Lilly, AD Maddox, John Geirach, and Joan Wulff. This project will provide an unprecedented resource for researchers and help preserve the memory of angling in our time.

Trout Art Digitization Project

This ongoing project to scan images of trout and salmonids from the library’s collection will create the world’s most comprehensive database of trout and salmonid art, photographs, sketches, drawings, and other images and showcase how trout and salmonids have been drawn painted, and imagined over the past five centuries.


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