Distinctive Dialogues 2016

15 Jan Distinctive Dialogues 2016

The Friends of Montana State University Library will host their annual Distinctive Dialogues event on Tuesday, March 29 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bozeman. A social hour with appetizers and a no-host bar will begin at 6:30 p.m. Dialogues to follow at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $25 for Friends members and $35 for non-members and must be purchased in advance. For reservations, please visit www.msuaf.org/dialogues16 or call 406-994-3119 by March 24.

2016 Table Hosts include:

1. Sinister! Gauche! Labels for Lefties
Chrysti M. Smith
Radio Host
Comprising only 10% of the world’s population, left-handers are a minority. In the Western world, the left side has long been associated with evil, misfortune and clumsiness. These notions are linguistically reflected in the terms gauche (French), sinister (Latin) and linkish (“clumsy” in German). Phrases such as having two left feet and left-handed compliment also impugn the left. Explore the unusual linguistic world of the southpaw with the left-handed Chrysti the Wordsmith.

2. Montana Justice: A Remarkable Story of Finding Justice and Affirmation of Family
Clem C. Pellett
Author and Private Investigator
Stumbling across 60-year-old evidence was how oral surgeon-turned-PI Clem Pellett first learned his grandfather was the victim of a savage murder. Equally stunning, the killer was still on the lam. Fueled by passion, Clem initiated his own cold case investigation, eventually tracking down the killer hiding in plain sight. His search also uncovered the four-year debate over capital punishment that pitted rural Montana frontier justice against McCarthy era left-wing progressives, as well as the involvement of many prominent Montanans (i.e. Lee Metcalf) and the American Communist Party. Join Clem for a conversation about this incredible true Montana story.

3. War, Injuries, & Therapeutic Recreation: The Impact of Love and the Serenity of Fly Fishing
Eric E. Hastings, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Warriors and Quiet Waters
Emily Wallace, Annual Program Manager, Warriors and Quiet Waters
America has been unprepared for the consequences of physical and mental injuries resulting from every war we have ever fought—including Iraq and Afghanistan. What responsibility does society at large have to engage in the rehabilitation, retraining and reintegration of warriors into society? Visit with Eric Hastings and Emily Wallace of the Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation, a locally based non-profit corporation whose volunteers provide therapeutic rehabilitation through the recreation medium of fly fishing for trout on Southwest Montana’s premiere waters, and learn how this organization provides love, hope, joy and security for our veterans and their families.

4. The Impact and Importance of Community Trails: Past, Present and Future
Penelope Pierce
Executive Director, Gallatin Valley Land Trust
Join Gallatin Valley Land Trust Executive Director Penelope Pierce in a discussion of how we ensure that in the face of a rapidly developing community, we continue to have amenities, like our Main Street to the Mountains trail system, that make Bozeman such a great place to live and add to the quality of life – from safe, non-motorized transportation to recreation to preventative health care – we all enjoy.

5. The World of Wine
Doug Badenoch
The Wine Gallery
In just a few steps, you will learn how to evaluate any wine you taste. Join The Wine Gallery Owner Doug Badenoch for a wine tasting and an overview of how to score wines like a professional.

6. The World of Wine
Tiffany Olson
The Wine Gallery
In just a few steps, you will learn how to evaluate any wine you taste. Join Sommelier and Certified Wine Educator Tiffany Olson for a wine tasting and an overview of how to score wines like a professional.

7. Music and Sound – From the Laboratory to the Wilderness and Back
Rob Maher
Head, MSU Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Music and Sound presents a fascinating field of study because it transcends so many different disciplines:  psychology, physiology, music theory, religion, mathematics, history, physics, philosophy, engineering and more. Music is a universal part of human existence, being a feature of every known culture. Yet music remains a rare and wonderful mystery of humanity, and many of these mysteries are still waiting to be unlocked. Be a key contributor to this discussion and learn more about Music and Sound.

8. On Health and Endurance Sports
Nikki Kimball
Physical Therapist & Ultrarunner
During the past 17 years, Nikki Kimball’s primary careers of distance running and physical therapy dovetailed smoothly enough to blur lines separating the two. Professionally, she uses aspects of her sport in the treatment of her client’s physical ailments, while personally she use running as a vital tool in treating depression. Join a conversation with three-time American Ultrarunner of the Year and explore relationships between endurance activity and wellness.

9. The Current State of Drone Safety
Rusty Squire
Head, Sly Dog Production
Learn the difference between professional and hobby drone flyers with Rusty Squire of Sly Dog Production. At this table, you will discuss the current state of drone safety in the United States and why there is less to fear than the media would lead you to believe. You’ll have the chance to watch a drone safety video and see some film created by drones. You’re sure to have a great time learning about this timely topic.

10. Story Mansion: On Main or Willson? You Decide!
Bill Jones
Executive Director, Gallatin History Museum
The Story Mansion at 811 S. Willson was built in 1910 by T.B. Story and still stands today. The Nelson Story Mansion on the 400 Block of West Main was built in 1887 and demolished in 1938. Join Gallatin History Museum Executive Director Bill Jones for a presentation and discussion on the costs and benefits of historical structures.

11. Organic Farming
LaVonne Stucky, Becky Weed and Jacy Rothschiller
Women of the Dirt
There is power in numbers, as they say. Join LaVonne Stucky, Becky Weed and Jacy Rothschiller, three Women of the Dirt living and farming in the Gallatin Valley who are part of a larger group dedicated to the same.  They grow meat and produce as sustainably as possible, but that’s not all they do. Sign up for this table to learn more about organic farming in the Gallatin Valley.

12. Blood on the Marias: The Baker Massacre of 1870
Paul Wylie
Retired Attorney and Independent Researcher & Writer
On the morning of January 23, 1870, troops of the 2nd U.S. Cavalry attacked a Piegan Indian village on the Marias River in Montana Territory, killing many more than the army’s count of 173, most of them women, children, and old men. Intended as retaliation against Mountain Chief’s renegade band, the massacre sparked public outrage when news sources revealed that the battalion had attacked Heavy Runner’s innocent village – and that guides had told is inebriated commander, Major Eugene Baker, he was on the wrong trail, but he struck anyway. Remembered as one of the most heinous incidents of the Indian Wars, the Baker Massacre has often been overshadowed by the better-known Battle of the Little Bighorn and has never received full treatment until now. Spend the evening with Paul Wylie, author of Blood on the Marias, and learn more.

13. The Ivan Doig Archive: Coming Home to this House of Sky
Jan Zauha, MSU Outreach, Instruction, & Research Librarian
Hannah McKelvey, MSU Adjunct Instruction & Research Librarian
What is your favorite Ivan Doig book? Join us to explore the world of one of Montana’s most cherished authors. Learn more about the man, his life of writing, and his relationship to Montana. Find out how the MSU Library is preserving his legacy while promoting and creating new digital scholarship.

14. Voices of Yellowstone
Jennifer Jerrett
Yellowstone National Park Science Correspondent
Join Yellowstone’s science correspondent from the MSU Library’s Acoustic Atlas for an evening exploring the sounds and stories of America’s first national park. Then, go behind the scenes of podcasting and learn what makes great audio storytelling.

15. Opening a Distillery in Downtown Bozeman
Jim Harris
Founder, Bozeman Spirits
Meet Jim Harris of Bozeman Spirits and discover the process of distilling spirits – from opening the distillery to making and aging whiskey. In a true entrepreneurial “spirit,” learn what it takes to start something from scratch, distilling to bottling and marketing to selling.

16. Foreign Policy Challenges and Opportunities
Ambassador Brooke Anderson
American Diplomat
The United States faces a range of foreign policy challenges and opportunities around the globe.  Join a lively discussion that goes beyond the headlines and explores the strategic stakes for the United States in today’s complicated and interconnected world.

17. Discovering my Path from a Wheelchair
Liz Ann Kudrna
Owner & Instructor, Body in Balance Pilates
Join Liz Ann as she talks about the things she has learned about the human anatomy and mobility since becoming paralyzed in 2008. She will share the story of her accident and how she is carving out a path that is different from the one she imagined. An avid outdoor enthusiast, hear how Liz Ann approaches life differently since her accident and teaches others to work through their mobility issues. Liz Ann advocates for access for all, and at this table you’ll have the chance to learn more about disability awareness, both personally and in the world around us.


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