Distinctive Dialogues 2017

08 Feb Distinctive Dialogues 2017

Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 13, 2017

6:30 p.m. Hors d’oeuvres and social hour with no-host bar
7:00 p.m. Welcome and discussions
8:15 p.m. Dialogues conclude

Hilton Garden Inn
2023 Commerce Way, Bozeman, Montana

$25 for Friends members and $35 for non-members

Reservation must be made in advance. Please call 406-994-3119 or visit msuaf.org/dialogues17 by April 5 to RSVP

SELECT…A topic from literature, toxicology, sound forensics, drumming, paranormal activity….
DISCUSS…Your subject with a local expert and 5-7 other guests
SUPPORT…the Friends of MSU Library through a raffle at the event


2017 Table Topics

  1. From Bucking Chutes to the Boardroom: Rodeo Lessons for Life
    Zac Davis
    Rodeo Cowboy and Project Manager
    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live the rodeo lifestyle? Riding bulls and bucking horses, organizing and running team-roping and rodeos, and working as the lighting and effects coordinator at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo has occupied much of Zac Davis’ life. Join a conversation about applying rodeo lessons to life, straight from the arena with a man who has long dreamed of becoming a world champion bareback rider in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.
  1. Adventure Scientists: Unlocking Solutions to Environmental Issues
    Gregg Trenish
    Adventure Scientists
    Are you an adrenaline junkie with a strong passion for scientific discovery and exploration? Meet Gregg Trenish, founder of Adventure Scientists, 2008 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, and 2015 Men’s Journal’s “50 Most Adventurous Men.” By recruiting and training outdoor enthusiasts, Adventure Scientists equips partners with data crucial to unlocking solutions to the world’s environmental challenges. These recruits bring back otherwise unattainable data from the far corners of the globe. Join a conversation about data collection, environmental awareness, and conservation.
  1. Sleeping with the Sheep: A Farm Stay
    LaVonne Stucky
    Serenity Sheep Farm
    LaVonne Stucky lives on Gallatin Valley land that has been in her husband’s family since the early 1900’s. On their old-fashioned homestead, they raise a variety of animals including the sheep whose wool LaVonne uses in her creations. The Stuckys also open their antique sheep wagons during the summer to guests from all over the world. Join a discussion about the sights, sounds and scents of farm animals and wool production in a rural setting under the big Montana sky.
  2. Audio Forensic Analysis: The ‘CSI’ of Sounds
    Dr. Rob Maher
    Head, MSU Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
    We are all familiar with crime fighters using fingerprints and DNA analysis to track down the offenders, but an increasingly important tool of investigators is examination of audio recordings from a 911 emergency call center, a vest camera, or even a bystander’s cell phone. This conversation will delve into the current and future prospects for audio forensic analysis. Professor Rob Maher has spent more than 30 years teaching and performing research in audio engineering and acoustics.
  1. The World of Wine, the Wines of the World
    Douglas Badenoch
    The Wine Gallery
    Enjoy an interactive program explaining the methods for evaluating wine. Each participant will taste a variety of wines and practice evaluation techniques during our session. Doug Badenoch has been the owner of the Wine Gallery for the last 13 years. His store has won numerous awards locally as well as being recognized three times by Wine Spectator Magazine as one of the best stocked and best customer service oriented wine stores in America.
  1. The World of Wine, the Wines of the World
    Tiffany Olson
    The Wine Gallery
    Enjoy an interactive program explaining the methods for evaluating wine. Each participant will taste a variety of wines and practice evaluation techniques during our session. Tiffany Olson is a Level One Sommelier and Certified Wine Educator. She has over 10 years experience in the wine business including stints at prestigious California wineries and serving as an international brand ambassador for a French Champagne House.
  1. Ivan Doig on the Montana Landscape: Story Mapping in the Archive
    Jan Zauha, MSU Outreach, Instruction, & Research Librarian
    Susan Borda, MSU Digital Technologies Development Librarian
    Explore the works of Ivan Doig through “Story Maps” that connect materials in the Ivan Doig Archive with the landscape and people of Montana. This hands-on discussion will familiarize you with the latest digital exhibits that students and faculty at MSU are creating, giving you insights into the archive and this beloved author’s works and world.  Jan Zauha and Susan Borda work closely with the Ivan Doig Archive at Montana State University Library.
  1. Basics of Ghost Hunting
    Elies Christine Adams
    Bozeman Paranormal
    Do you believe in ghosts? Interested in understanding the paranormal or troubled by the paranormal? Learn the basics of ghost hunting and explore both the equipment and phenomena of past and present. Join this fascinating conversation with Elies Adams, the founder of Bozeman Paranormal, a ghost hunting group with a passion for history and otherworldly phenomena.
  1. Introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy
    Nancy Rosen
    Intermountain Therapy Animals
    Can reading to a dog really improve a child’s literacy and communication skills? Do dogs in the library really provide stress-relief? Join a conversation about the many benefits of incorporating animals into therapy and the difference between therapy and service animals. Learn more about the R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) program and the MSU Library’s Paws to De-Stress event. Nancy Rosen is the Montana Coordinator of Intermountain Therapy Animals (ITA). She visits with Eli, her Standard Poodle and third therapy dog. Nancy is also an ITA instructor, team evaluator, and R.E.A.D. instructor.
  1. Improv(e) Your Life
    Molly Hannan
    Bozeman Improverts
    Improv can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Everyone uses it every day, whether they know it or not.  As with anything, though, there is a skill to improvising. Join this conversation to learn about some of improv’s fundamental concepts to help take away the fear of improvising and improv(e) your communication, collaboration, self-confidence, and active listening.  Molly Hannan is an experienced improviser and an improv teacher.  She discovered her love for improv and Community Theater by taking her very first improv class in 2012.
  1. Toxicology, the Science of Poisons
    Deborah E. Keil, Ph.D., MT(ASCP), DABT
    MSU Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology & Immunology
    Are you concerned about the quality of drinking water? Join the discussion on environmental health risks, spanning a wide variety of topics from DEET to drinking water contaminants to tea. Dr. Keil’s research projects include immunotoxicology studies with environmental contaminant exposures such as: perchlorate, JP-8 jet fuel (Gulf War Illness), trichloroethylene (TCE), perfluorinated compounds (fabric and carpet stain resistance applications), brominated compounds (flame retardants used in homes), metals in drinking water sources, and geogenic metal dust exposure in desert environments (Nellis Dunes, Las Vegas, NV).
  1. Demystifying GMO’s
    Toby Day
    MSU Extension Horticulture Associate Specialist and state-wide Master Gardener Coordinator
    Is there too much misinformation on the Internet and social media lately about GMO’s that you do not know who to believe? Do you want to have a conversation about GMO’s without all the hype? Do you want to form an opinion about GMO’s in a safe place where others won’t judge? Then join this table! Toby Day earned both his degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Master of Science in Plant Sciences from MSU. Before being the Extension Horticulture Associate Specialist for MSU, he was an Extension Agent in Silver Bow County in Butte, Montana for 2 years. Toby has also worked as a landscape project manager, assistant farm manager, owned his own business and is an avid gardener.
  1. Angel Investing, Who, Why, How, and What
    Liz Marchi
    Frontier Angel Fund 2
    What do angels have to do with investing? An angel investor is an individual who provides capital for business start-up. Angels invest about $50 Billion annually in the US in business startups. Join the conversion about Montana’s angel community and how it impacts Bozeman. Meet Liz Marchi, the founder of Frontier Angel Fund 2 and the Fund Coordinator for the Frontier Angel Fund, LLC, Montana’s first angel fund. Ms. Marchi was recently honored by the Montana State University School of Business and the Prospera Business Network as the Woman to Woman Mentor of the Year.
  1. Family Farm-to-Bottle Spirits
    Erica and Jeff Droge
    Dry Hills Distillery
    Meet Jeff and Erica Droge, the managing owners of Dry Hills Distillery. Dry Hills Distillery was founded by these 5th generation Montana farmers who set out to create something genuinely unique and special through their spirits, exemplifying the character from which they were made. Learn how Jeff and Erica seized an opportunity to utilize their farm’s commodities by creating new products that have elevated the farm’s production and marketability. Find out how they make real craft spirits from Montana grown premium certified seed potatoes or the select high country grains. Enjoy a farm-to-table experience unlike any other.
  1. I am Interchange
    Tate Chamberlain
    Interchange (Interchange.com)
    Psychedelic drugs, the good, the bad, and their impact on society. Join this conversation with Tate Chamberlain, founder of Interchange. Tate Chamberlin is pushing the envelope in social, educational, and musical events by continually reintegrating an arsenal of new concepts and human connections. Interchange is a humanities project and talk show-style event where people with different ideas and perspectives come together to address multiple topics and provoke thoughtful dialogue. The goal is not necessarily to find a solution, but to have a good mind-flush of new ideas and creativity can offer wisdom and perspective to the process and development.
  1. Drumming: How Can Something So Fun Be So Good For You?
    Stormi Oshun and Shaun Phoenix
    Many Hands Light Work
    How can drumming build heartfelt connections between people and communities? Drumming exists in every culture on the planet, and is experiencing quite a renaissance worldwide.  Many documented emotional and physical health benefits are driving a growing interest in drumming, a very moving form of musical expression accessible to all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.  Besides the plethora of benefits, most people drum just because it’s incredibly fun! Stormi and Shaun are members of the six-woman World Rhythm ensemble, Yamama, and co-founded and led Chicks With Sticks, Montana’s premier marching bucket drum corps.
  1. Will Elephants Survive?
    John Heminway
    Filmmaker, Author, Conservationist, & Teacher
    Since 1967, John Heminway has been documenting and celebrating the wild corners of our planet, astonishing people, and critical issues. He has spent the last 4 years traveling to some of the most unstable places in Africa to be a first-hand witness to the challenges facing elephants and how precarious they are. Join the conversation about the complex threats facing elephants and John’s commitment that good news will prevail. John Heminway is an adjunct professor at MSU’s School of Film and Photography and received an honorary doctorate from MSU in December 2016.
  1. Visual Arts & Lifelong Learning in Bozeman
    Priscilla Lund
    Associate Professor of Art Education at MSU
    The visual arts offer residents of Bozeman a variety of ways to learn and flourish throughout life. Studio experiences encourage exploration and inquiry through creative processes with materials and ideas. Historical and contemporary visual arts nurture critical thinking and connects with history, literacy and culture. Interested in learning more about exploring visual arts? Join the conversation about where can we find these opportunities in our community.
  1. Yellowstone Writing Project: Writers Teaching, Teaching Writing
    Allison Wynhoff Olsen & Kirk Branch
    Yellowstone Writing Project
    Passionate about writing? Join the conversation about an authors’ approach to writing. Sit down with teachers from the Yellowstone Writing Project which is based in the Department of English at Montana State University. Teachers in the Yellowstone Writing Project are committed to the idea that primary and secondary teachers of writing must be writers themselves. We have learned that an active community of teachers – focused on their own writing and on teaching writing – can become leaders in professional development and play a fundamental role in promoting extensive and engaging writing and meaningful discussions throughout schools.

We would like to thank our sponsors
Dr. Marilyn “Sue” & Jim Hamilton

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