Helpful Links

The MSU Library houses an immense collection of resources. Where shall one start? Friends have provided links below to help you open a few of its doors.

Part of the MSU Digital Library Collection, Acoustic Atlas collects the sounds of Montana and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, along with habitats and species from throughout the Western United States.

MSU Library Workshops

Learn about MSU Library workshops, resources, and events.

MSU Library Faculty Publications

This links you directly to a list of publications within the ScholarWorks repository written by MSU Library faculty.

MSU Library Special Collections and Archive

The Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections of the MSU Library is the location for finding comprehensive information on select subject areas such as Montana history, Native Americans, and Yellowstone National Park.


ScholarWorks is an open access repository for the capture of the intellectual work of MSU in support of its teaching, research and service missions. MSU ScholarWorks is a central point of discovery for accessing, collecting, sharing, preserving, and distributing knowledge to the Montana State University community and the world.

What is TRAILS? Treasure State Academic Information & Library Services is a new, statewide consortium of Montana’s academic libraries, including all twenty-four of the public, private, tribal, community college, and university institutions. This consortium allows Montana libraries to purchase resources collectively to gain buying power.

“We now have access to 49 databases for half what we were paying for one database. That is huge for us.”

Bobbi Otte  |  Director, Rocky Mountain College Library