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A Message from the Board

“A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.”

~ Shelby Foote, American Historian and Novelist

Birthdays are a special time to celebrate another trip around the sun. This year, the chance to commemorate Montana State University’s 125th birthday offered a moment to reflect. The thought of the thousands of students who have benefited from the MSU Library reaffirms the tremendous honor I have to serve as the President of the Friends of the MSU Library Board.

As we celebrate the past, we also look to the future of how the Library impacts the lives of MSU students as well as students across Montana. In an effort to extend the library’s reach beyond campus, the FOL board is excited to lend support to the Yellowstone Writing Project. FOL has donated funds to support three teachers from public schools across Montana who will share the works of Ivan Doig with their students. It was the wish of Ivan’s wife, Carol, that MSU find a way to increase the reach of the Doig Archive that is housed in the MSU Library. FOL is honored to carry out Carol’s request.

It is with your gracious support we are able to share the work of Ivan Doig, along with many other MSU Library resources, with the MSU campus and the community. In an effort to continue this great work, please consider expanding your gift to FOL. If your capacity allows, please also consider joining the FOL board. We’d love to talk with you about becoming part of these important efforts. Here’s to another 125 years of Montana State University.

Cece Renick, President, Friends of MSU Library Board

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Cece Renick, President

Kenning Arlitsch, Dean, MSU Library

Joy Davis

Pat Ingraham

  Catherine Johnson

Andi Powers

      Barbara VanderWende

 Jan Zauha


            Ann Vinciguerra, Staff Liaison

                      Michaela Bader, Associate Director of Development, MSU Alumni Foundation