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A Benefit of Being a Friend

The newsletter is published biannually to update our supporters with the latest news and events from the MSU Library — Stay informed, be social, and have fun!

No. 49, Fall 2018 – Highlights: An Evening of Conservation and Conversation and New Service Desk

No. 48, Spring 2018 – Highlights: Trout Lecture and Native Voices Event. 

No. 47, Fall 2017 – Highlights: Library Benefit Featuring Timothy Eagan and Frankenstein Open House.

No. 46, Spring 2017 – Highlights: Bud Lilly – A Trout’s Best Friend, Distinctive Dialogues Event, and Ivan Doig exhibit at the Big Sky State Fair.

No. 45, Fall 2016 – Highlights: Ivan Doig Archive Launch and Benefit Dinner featuring Glen Chamberlain.

No. 44, Spring 2016 – Highlights: What It Takes – Campaign Update, Distinctive Dialogues, Trout Lecture, and The Oral History of Angling

No 43, Fall 2015 – Highlights: Ivan Doig Archive at Montana State, What It Takes Program, Benefit Dinner featuring Pete Fromm, and Acoustic Atlas.

No. 42, Spring 2015 – Highlights: Acquisistions to Access, Colorodo Bobcats Library, Distinctive Dialogues, Learning & Research Services, and News from Collection Development.

No. 41, Fall 2014 – Highlights: Many Ways to Support Your Library, Publication and Data Services, Connecting MSU to Libraries Across the State, and Engagement Events.

No. 40, Spring 2014 – Highlights: IT Services @ the Library, Distinctive Dialogues, Trout Lecture, and Treasure Island Open House.

No. 39, Fall 2013 – Highlights: Acoustic Atlas, Benefit Dinner Featuring Conrad Anker, and Bobcat Browse

No. 38, Spring 2013 – Highlights: Opening Doors, ScholarWorks, Distinctive Dialogue, Leave No Trace: Indoor Library Ethics, Humanities Hero, and Tunnel of Oppression: Banned and Challenged Books.

No. 37, Fall 2012 – Highlights: Benefit Dinner featuring Hugh Ambrose, Digital Initiatives, MSU Authors’ Reception, and Music in the Library

No. 36, Spring 2012 – Highlights: Friends Fall Dinner featuring Jamie Ford, Enriching the Educational Landscape, and “Print the Legend”.

No. 35, Fall 2011 – Highlights: Writing Center @ the Library moves into the Commons and MSU Gains an important Collection on Engineering History.

No. 34, Spring 2011 – Highlights: “Flies that Bind”, Honoring Life; Creating Legacy, and Spring Art Exhibit.

No. 33, Fall 2010 – Highlights: A Land-Grant University, Looking in all the Wrong Places, Case Closed, MSU Libraries – Telling our Story, and Friends Book Group Welcomes Tribal Librarians.

No. 32, Spring 2010 – Highlights: School of Architecture’s Rome Studio Exhibit, and Growing our Collection, Dessert Diologues.

No. 31, Fall 2009 – Highlights: “The Soloist” Alive at Renne Library, Eternal Optimism, and Fall Fundraiser Dinner featuring Pamela Roberts.

No. 30, Spring 2009 – Highlights:  Creating the Commons, Schullery Named First Scholar-in-Residence at Renne Library, MSU Authors’ Reception, Greg Pape 2nd MT Laureate coming to Bozeman, and Collecting Karma.

No. 29, Fall 2008 – Highlights: Compact Shelving Coming to Renne, Dinner Diologues, Hiroshima Exhibit at MSU Libraries, and MSU Librarian Elaine Peterson Wins Fulbright Award. 

No. 28, Spring 2008 – Highlights:Water and Books: A Bad Mix, Archivist Travels to Australia, Inagural Trout Lecture, and Annual MSU Author’s Reception.